Assignment Due August 12 on the Moldau

First of all I realized that I did not check your folders to see if and how the 2 different Cello parts were divided. Your part is assigned on the spreadsheet in the Music folder, so you should go look it up. If you were not given the correct part, print out the correct one.

Tempo..Dotted Quarter Note = 45. Please do not put the subdivision on your metronome.

A suggestion on how to practice this:

  1. Count how many different patterns you have if that makes sense..Example: 1st violins..measures 98, 99,100,101 are the same (everyone can look that up). That way you won’t have a melt down when you see that there is SO MUCH repetition.
  2. Isolate that and then practice it before putting with the metronome.
  3. Add the metronome

1st Cellos:

2nd cellos: