Chairs from the assignment Due August 31

First of all, thank you to those who turned in your assignments. Some of you did not follow the directions (what?????) and left off Dance of the Comedians…Those kids were moved to the back because of that. There are also some ties in the violins..

A note to those who are not turning your assignments in: I think you have a responsibility to the group (among many others) to learn your notes. You do not get to be in Ovation and not show up..everyone else is. I am not going to contact people anymore to remind them..I feel like a babysitter and I did not sign up for that..and for the record, I think you are a bit beyond that , the last I checked.
There are a few of you who normally turn your assignment in, so I know that and will chalk it off to “you forgot”.

HOWEVER, there are several here that need me to contact them every week and be a nag and I am over that..I hate being a nag believe it or not!!! You are making my job VERY HARD!!

Also, if you sent it to me and I missed it somehow, let me know and I will listen tonight.

Moldau Assignment Due August 31

Violin 1

  1. Sebastian
  1. Kate
  2. Julia
  3. Regina
  4. Kristie
  5. Mateo
  6. Berea
  7. Iris
  8. Abby


Violin 2:

  1. Izzy
  1. Erin
  2. Ariella
  3. Holly
  4. Jaithan


Naomi Piano on Moldau


  1. Sabrina
  2. George
  3. Nathan
  4. Selah

Cello 1

  1. Sophia
  2. Noel
  3. Hayleigh

Cello 2

  1. Noah
  2. Emmi
  3. Tim
  4. Emily