Rehearsal on Monday September 21

Happy Weekend!

Here is what we are going to cover in rehearsal on Monday .

  1. Dance of the Comedians..Quarter = 130
  2. Crown Imperial…Quarter = 116..we will take a look at what we did not get to at camp.
  3. The Moldau…I would like to think that everyone can play through most of the Moldau…. Here are current tempos to strive for!
    Allegro (Measures 1-79) Dotted Quarter = 65
    Forest Hunt (Measures 80-117) Dotted Quarter = 65 (maybe a hair faster)
    Peasant Wedding (measures 118-180) Quarter Note = 80
    Nymph’s Dance (Measures 188-238) Quarter = 82
    Tempo 1 (Measures 239-270) Dotted Quarter = 65
  4. St John’s Rapids (Measures 271-332) Dotted Quarter = 84
  5. The Moldau in it’s Greatest Breadth (Measures 333-427) Dotted Quarter = 100

There is not an assignment to turn in by Monday. I would hope you would take some time to review all 3 pieces.
Strings: I will be putting together your assignment for concert seating. I will be pulling excerpts from all 3 pieces. I expect to have the to you by Tuesday if not sooner….

Have a great weekend….