Expectations for tomorrow

There will not be an opportunity to warm up behind stage SOOOOOO

Please warm up AT HOME before you come to the ENT center tomorrow. We expect you to look at your difficult passages with a metronome tomorrow BEFORE you arrive.

We also expect you to bring your tuning device on you so that you can check your own tuning.

We will have dress rehearsal for only 45 minutes. This is not much time considering we had so many kids out on Monday so PLEASE don’t think you can show up cold turkey and play.

We will start with the Moldau and then of course to DOC.

The schedule has you arriving at 1:35…Please be respectful of this. Showing up at 1:35 does not mean you are on time. 1:30 means you are on time..If you are early, you will have less stress!!

See you manana…Ms Boylan