The Concert

I think you all did a great job. I am not sure you are aware of how hard that music is but I want to acknowledge that. Dance was the best it has been…so was the Moldau..certainly nice to get all the way through it in one sitting. RIGHT?????

Now, onto Holiday music.
We have 3 rehearsals and 3 pieces.
I would like to think that we could play all 3…they are not that difficult. But everyone will need to practice. The recordings will help.
On JOY: The string part at the beginning (1-57) is not on the recording as this was arranged by Mr Soper for Ovation last year.

Please print your music and put in your binder.

Trumpet solo auditions are tomorrow as well.

Strings..I would suggest you look at Joy… can get a little difficult..nothing compared to the Moldau though.

It is also Percussion Fest… so make sure you look at who plays what. I have the Electric and Bass Guitar parts covered on Christmas Eve.

March Slave it right behind the Holiday Concert. We need to assign Brass and Wind parts…will do that this week. Will also get a recording up there….


Ms Boylan