Rehearsal and Assignment for this week..READ all of this please :)

I am VERYYYYYY excited to have in person rehearsals again even though we will be limited to 50 in a room. For the next week or so we will split into:
As we remember how to play together again, we will split into different groups. Example..2 smaller orchestras or winds and upper stings, brass and lower strings…

We will work on Marche Slave on Monday and look at please print that music if you do not have.

If you have not touched your instrument (what????), please dust it off and at least try to play a little before rehearsal.

If you are a string player and have an assignment due on Monday, I will extend a week so you won’t be freaked out about coming!!

We have 2 new cello players..Elsa Lowe and Aurora Farrell…please do what you can to help them….