Couple of things and the Concert tonight at 7

  1. Buddy Night is Monday…..I am going to assume we will have rehearsal Monday …. we will watch the weather…the next week is Spring Break so would really like to not miss 2 rehearsals…
    Please try and bring someone….it can be for any level.
  2. I had said there would be an assignment and I did not post one in time. I will post one soon but will give you time to do. (Nothing due on Monday)
  3. We will work on Harry Potter on Monday….please review your parts.
  4. Here is the link for the OYO concert…Concert order goes as follows:
  5. Here is the link for the Youth Symphony Concert..Concert Order goes as follows:
    Bravo Winds
    Pikes Peak Winds
    Percussion Ensemble
    Youth Symphony