Assignments for the rest of the year (I would read all of this if I were you!)

I hope you all had a great break…

I am looking at the remainder of the year and wanted to make sure you are aware of a few things…

Our concert has been moved to May 17. (This is a MONDAY NIGHT). It will be at the ENT Center.
We will be playing the following:
True Mahogany
Harry Potter
Marche Slave

I want to be thoughtful on how to deal with the last of the assignments for the year so am taking a bit of a different approach.
You will have 4 recordings left for the year:
1. True Mahogany (TM)
2. Harry Potter (HP)
3. Marche Slave (MS)
4. A combo to decide final chairs
You MUST turn in ALL 4 to play the end of the year concert.

The assignments will be due as follows:
MS: April 5
HP: April 12
TM: April 19
Final assignment: April 26

I will post the measures for each piece soon..
I will not post the final assignment until we get closer..I will be pulling most likely form the measures on the assignments….
I do not care WHEN you turn the assignments in as long as they are there by the due date..

We have sectionals on April 5th so please do not miss. I also want to point out that homework, sports, yada yada yada do not count as a reason to miss rehearsal. I have a few students that have already made arrangements for schedule conflicts in advance of this email. If you have one of those please call me.

Also, as a reminder I am about to start all my parent calls…
Looking forward to the home stretch….you will be awesome!!
Ms Boylan