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July 16, 2021

Assignment Due Before Camp..July 24

Dance of the Tumblers
Quarter Note = 105
Violas: 13-20,27-36,90-99,128-140

American Salute
Dotted Quarter = 110
Measures 62-64
You will play in Structure the 1st and 4th note of each sextuplet.
You will be playing 8 notes per measure and they will all be eighth>
My suggestion: Put a pencil mark by the 1st and 4th note ..then you will play each measure full of eight notes,
You should find the notes ascending chromatically..2 octaves. (B flat, C Flat, C, D Flat, etc)
If you do not understand you need to call me or text me...

Then upload it to your folder that I have shared with you.
Separate recordings are fine or individual recordings are fine...

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